Product Development

When partnering with Wieland Motion you gain access to our deep bench of talented engineers and product development team. We’ll collaborate with your team on structural design elements, functionality and aesthetic design. Wieland has the unique ability to draw upon our knowledge of different techniques and componentry from the other markets we serve for a refreshing and creative approach to motion seating design and function.

In addition to great design, our customers benefit from our compliance engineering, product documentation and validation capabilities with FEMA, PPAP, burn certification, cycle testing, medical device certification, and FMVSS compliance.

Industrial Design

Taking your ideas from creative concept through techniques of mass production by using a variety of tools and models. We create a specification uniting the product design with specific materials, engineering and manufacturing processes to deliver repeatable and consistent quality products while meeting cost objectives.


The product engineering minds at Wieland Designs add value to every project. They are skilled at 3D solid modeling, prototyping, pattern development, structural engineering and product testing and validation.

Our team consists of 14 engineering associates utilizing Gerber and Pathfinder 2D CAD stations and Solidworks 3D CAD stations.


With Wieland Designs, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple materials (like fabrics, vinyls, and leathers) in a virtually endless choice of patterns and colors. We always cut to maximize yield while creating product consistency. Whether decorative and unique or designed not to be seen, we consistently produce strong, high quality, precision stitching. Our sewn surfaces stay gathered and strong, holding up even amidst repeated furniture use.